Dino Digger TegTap
**** #1 Best Selling Kids' App in the Amazon App Store! **** New in this update: 5 more dinosaurs! Thanks for the support, all you Dino Diggers!
Chalk Ball The Pill Tree
A new concept of bouncing game. Use your finger to draw with chalk, but be careful, it will not last for long. Make your ball hit other ones to recove
Cat Playground - Game for cats Silverleaf Games
Cat Playground is a game for cats, not humans. Let your furry friend chase a mouse, fish, or a laser pointer, and earn points for everytime he catches
Legends of Yore Full Coke and Code
Drawn: The Painted Tower Big Fish Games
Enter the world of Drawn, the newest adventure from Big Fish Games Studios! Unravel the secrets of the Painted Tower in your quest to save Iris from
飽食の館サイドストーリー sweet ampoule
【概要】 『LOOP THE LOOP飽食の館』の公式サイドストーリーです。 本編では描き切れなかった各キャラクターの過
MEGASTUNT™ Mayhem Pro Level Eight AB
MEGASTUNT™ Mayhem Pro is the perfect action sports game that mixes racing, showmanship and total destruction into one thrilling experience. Do you
Empress of the Deep 2 [Full] Big Fish Games
Anna awakens on a mysterious tiny island after escaping the destruction of her underwater kingdom. She must find her way to a mystical floating cloud
Little Inferno Tomorrow Corporation
"A beautiful masterpiece", "inventive, moving and unrelentingly funny", "a deft statement on games and how we play them" - Lit
Princess Isabella 2 CE Big Fish Games
A year later everyone thought they had seen the last of the witch but she’s back! This time she’s captured Princess Isabella’s child and cast a
Wo ist der Ort? (Dtld-Quiz) Diekmann
WIE GUT KENNST DU DEUTSCHLAND? Beantworte eine Vielzahl an Fragen über Sehenswürdigkeiten, berühmte Personen, Attraktionen, wichtige Orte und die
海鮮!!すし街道 Kairosoft Co.,Ltd
のれんをくぐれば回転寿司! 人気の回転寿司屋を経営するゲームです。 レーンを自由に広げればお寿司が滑ら
Jewel Legends (Full) Big Fish Games
Rebuild the world of the Hods in Jewel Legends: Tree of Life! Using building materials, jewels and other valuables, switch two adjacent tiles to make
Magic Academy: hidden castle. Nevosoft Inc
Magic Academy is a hidden object game with a mysterious mix of puzzles and adventure! A sorcery detective story, magical items and mystery are woven t
Real Racing 2 Electronic Arts Inc
Real Racing 2 sets the pace as the most critically-acclaimed racing simulation on Android. Speed away with hours of high-performance gameplay, cutting
Drift Mania Championship 2 Ratrod Studio Inc.
With millions of players worldwide, the #1 Drift game on the App Store is finally back! Drift Mania Championship 2 delivers the ultimate drift experie
Enigmatis Hidden Object (Full) Big Fish Games
Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek Collector's Edition Find and rescue a kidnapped teenage girl, and then save yourself, in Engimatis: The Ghost
Sara's Cooking Class GirlsgoGames
Welcome to Sara's kitchen: a playful foodie paradise for kids! Learn to bake and cook with over 200 different ingredients and tools and master tas
発掘ピラミッド王国 Kairosoft Co.,Ltd
巨大ピラミッド建築ゲーム。 時空を超えて文明を築こう!! 石を運んで施設を建てて、歴史的な大ピラミッドを
Tap'n'Feed Smartpix Games
Another cute puzzle game from creators of Jewellust! This funny puzzler has 42 levels, 6 power-ups, 2 game modes and online score tables. Also we'
Sex Dice - Shake It Up Featured App
Are you stuck in a routine with your sex life? Are you bored? A Kinsey Institute study found that nearly one-quarter of women reported some distress i
DroidCraft Phr00t
DroidCraft is a survival/crafting game like Minecraft -- dig, build and fight! This FULL version includes all monsters, levels underground and items.
AndroGochi bulzipke
 AndroGochi is an application created on the foundation of the Japanese Tamagotchi.  You can feed your pets, have fun with your pets, and eventual
20 Questions Umbrella Development
In this game, the app will try to guess what you're thinking. It will ask you a series of questions and continue to guess what it is until it has