Fix My Car: Custom Mods FireRabbit Inc.
Tweak a stock car! Customize it, lower it and mod it until the car becomes a fly street racer fully upgraded with aftermarket parts. **** SUPER SALE!
Tap'n'Feed Smartpix Games
Another cute puzzle game from creators of Jewellust! This funny puzzler has 42 levels, 6 power-ups, 2 game modes and online score tables. Also we'
Munch Time Gamistry
“Munch Time is another heart meltingly cute game” - Touch Arcade “This will undoubtedly keep us occupied for quite some time” - Trap Magazine
Sex Dice - Shake It Up Featured App
Are you stuck in a routine with your sex life? Are you bored? A Kinsey Institute study found that nearly one-quarter of women reported some distress i
AndroGochi bulzipke
 AndroGochi is an application created on the foundation of the Japanese Tamagotchi.  You can feed your pets, have fun with your pets, and eventual
NESDroid Halsafar
NESDROID ===== **If you have any issues please email me. I am happy to help.** Fully functional NES Emulator for all Android 2.X and 3.X devices. Su
20 Questions Umbrella Development
In this game, the app will try to guess what you're thinking. It will ask you a series of questions and continue to guess what it is until it has
The Serpent of Isis [Full] Big Fish Games
In the early 1900s the legendary artwork, the Serpent of Isis, was stolen at the grand opening of the Egypt Museum in Cairo. Originally discovered by
Azada [Full] Big Fish Games
“Azada, from Big Fish Games, is what you might get if a giant walking magic puzzle strolled into your living room and exploded!” CasualExplosion.
Horse Stable Tycoon Living Code Labs
Horse Stable Tycoon is a huge, exciting and progressive game that'll keep the user entertained for months. First you buy a horse and like a pet yo
My Paper Plane 3 (3D) Wavecade
Grab stars and rack up massive combos as you guide your paper plane through exciting 3D environments. Take to the sky with high resolution graphics, o
MD map: Islands Smartpix Games
This is an extra map for the tower defense game "Myth Defense: Light Forces". Map description: The map has 2 special areas, Squares of Glory.
Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas Alawar Entertainment, Inc.
Create a hotel empire in the heart of Las Vegas, complete with five-star accommodations, upscale restaurants and glamorous casinos! With colorful gra
My Fairy Princess TegTap
******* ON SALE! 50% Off! ******* Finally, a 3D dress up app where your character moves and dances in the outfit that you pick out for her! The popu
TouchMix GAMEVIL Inc.
GAMEVIL DOLLAR DEALS Grab your copy of GAMEVIL’s RPG, Sports and Casual games at an unbelievable price of $0.99! ───────────
Hidden Treasures 2 aT Games
Explore a beautiful classical story driven hidden object game! Hidden Treasures 2 continues where the first game left off. In this sequel you travel t
飽食の館サイドストーリー sweet ampoule
【概要】 『LOOP THE LOOP飽食の館』の公式サイドストーリーです。 本編では描き切れなかった各キャラクターの過
Sweet Office Lady Life mobcast
You are an office lady who just entered a new company and can have lots of events at your company and in private which is calld office lady simulation
Mensch ärgere Dich nicht! b-interaktive
The one and only mobile version of the most popular board game in the world is now better than ever! This new and improved version supports tablets as
Temple Seeker FULL net mobile AG
A young woman uses clues from her late grandfather to discover an ancient temple. Touch the screen to find objects in the game, but know that touching
Baby's First Moo PickAppBoo
A Baby must application (6 months – 3 years). As one of your baby’s first apps, this surprisingly creative game supplies the wonderful mixture of
DroidCraft Phr00t
DroidCraft is a survival/crafting game like Minecraft -- dig, build and fight! This FULL version includes all monsters, levels underground and items.
Dr. Droid (Dr Mario game) Stanaland Software, LLC
Dr. Droid is inspired by classic "falling block" games like Dr. Mario and Tetris. Kill viruses by placing colored pills in rows or columns of
Flying Penguin best paid game Top Free Games - Best Apps
Fully unlocked, no ads! Fun game! Slide down the mountains of Antarctica and flap your wings to fly. Go as fast as you can to escape from the polar be