T2J PRO Photo Recovery

T2J PRO Photo Recovery apk

ATENTION: Please, try before the free version to check if it is possible to recover your pics, if you cannot recover any picture with the free version you will not recover any picture with this app.
ATENTION: Ads free version, you can recover every picture

Recover your deleted pictures from you device.This application transforms the thumbnails saved in your device as .tec files back to jpg files.Useful for every device that saves the thumbnails in a cache folder of the system, like the Samsung Galaxy family.
-In the first screen choose to search manually or launch automatic search
-If you choose manual search,in the second screen you can browse the file system. Search for the folder(tipically /sdcard/DCIM/Camera/cache) were you have your .tec files.When you have opened the folder and see the files, press the select button
-If you choose automatic search , wait until the dialog displays where your tec files are stored, and press ok if you want to recover the pictures.
-In the next screen , press start to recover all the pictures